Who are we?

Set up in 1994, and having racked up a proven track record of 20 years in the industry, our agency is a professional player in the field of translation and localisation*.

We offer translation services in the following principal language pairs:

• NL => FR, ENG => FR, DE => FR et ESP/CAT => FR

as well as

• FR => NL, FR => ENG, FR => DE et FR => ESP/CAT.

Whether in-house or external, all translators are native speakers, working into their own mother tongue as a professional key requirement and a quality benchmark.


Localisation is the adaptation of softwares/websites for the benefit of foreign language audiences/other countries by fully incorporating their specificities, whether cultural, economic, legal, etc. In doing so, the whole idea is to make sure users are blissfully oblivious to the fact that what they are reading, seeing or hearing was originally conceived in a foreign language. Although a little known area of expertise, localisation is a major field of discipline in the translation industry.